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Representation in Immigration Court

At the Law Office of Sylvia Esparza, we regularly practice before the immigration courts and have extensive experience. 

Bond Hearings

Our office frequently represents detained non-citizens in bond proceedings. If an individual is eligible to request a bond, the immigration judge will have to decide whether the individual qualifies for a bond while their case remains pending before the immigration court.

Removal Proceedings

If you are in removal proceedings, the government is trying to deport you. There are various avenues for relief in removal proceedings, including Asylum, Withholding of Removal, protection under the Convention Against Torture, Cancellation of Removal, Waivers for fraud and criminal offenses, and various other motions we can file to request termination of proceedings. We can also represent clients who are requesting Credible Fear and Reasonable Fear Interviews.

Motions to Reopen

At the Law Office of Sylvia Esparza, we have many years of experience in reopening orders of removal and deportation, including very old orders or orders that have already been executed. There are many reasons to reopen cases including changes in the law, ineffective assistance of counsel and other due process violations, and seeking joint motions to reopen with the Department of Homeland Security based on eligibility for new relief. 

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