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Administrative Appeals Office

An individual may want to appeal their decision from USCIS to the Administrative Appeals Office or file a motion to reopen. Our office is experienced in handling various types of administrative appeals and has successfully challenged denials of VAWA self petitions, U visas, TPS, waivers, and SIJS determinations.

Board of Immigration Appeals

If your case gets denied by the Immigration Judge, you have a right to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Our office is skilled in filing appeals and our attorneys will carefully review the record and case history to assure that we research and brief all appropriate legal arguments to the BIA.

Ninth Circuit Appeals / Petition for Review

An individual who has been ordered removed and has exhausted all administrative appeals before the immigration court and the BIA may seek review of their removal orders in the Circuit Court. Our office frequently handles Ninth Circuit Court appeals of removal orders.

District Court Actions

In addition, our office can challenge unlawful detention through writs of habeas corpus, compel USCIS or other related agencies to perform, for unreasonable delays or other duties owed to the applicant, through writs of mandamus and file actions to review denials of naturalization.      

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